Monday, September 6, 2010

Vilaspur Lake View Resort in Bidar to Be Inaugurated on 1st November


Jungle Lodges and Resort (“JLR”) will launch its lake view resort on 1st November on the banks of the Vilaspur Tank in Bidar in Karnataka.
Jungle Lodges and Resort is an eco tourism agency, owned and managed by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation. The Vilaspur Lake View Resort is JLR’s newest property and second resort in North Karnataka. JLR also owns Sloth Bear Resort in the ancient city of Hampi in Bellary district of North Karnataka.
JLR has built the Vilaspur Resort with assistance from the district administration, who allotted seven acres of revenue land adjacent to the forest for building the cottages. The resort will have 18 cottages, that can accommodate two campers each.

An official from the district administrations said, “We have retained ownership of the land. We also share 25 per cent of the total cost of the project estimated at Rs four crore.”
Vilaspur Tank is situated about 15 kms from the city of Bidar and is located in the interiors of the Khanapur Reserve Forest surrounded by dense forest and hills on all four sides. The tank is spread over 35 acres and has a catchment area of 200 acres of land.
Located in the lap of nature, the resort will have many nature related activities on offer for its tourist such as coracle rides and fishing in the tank and guided jungle treks. Campers will also be taken to see the various sites in and around Bidar including Bidar Fort, the Heritage Tombs at Ashtur and Choukhandi, Mohamud Gawan Madrassa, Amir Barid and Qasim Barid and the Baridshahi Deccan Garden. To further add to the appeal of the resort, water sport adventure activities may be developed in the Karanja Reservoir. Campers will also get to take part in boat races in the Paapnash Lake.

Bidar is located about 110 kms from Hyderabad city, in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh state, which has risen to the ranks of a professional IT city. Jungle Lodges and Resort is trying to tap the young and corporate tourist of the IT industry. The Vilaspur Resort can be an outing for corporate companies as an offer of incentives and to develop team work among employees. That apart, it is also an attractive option for nature enthusiast to explore the large tracts of dense forest land in Bidar and Gulbarga.

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